Realme Benefits From a Strong Partnership With Offline Channel Distributors

Realme is making waves in the smartphone industry with its affordable, premium smartphones. But, what makes these phones worth owning?

Realme aims to empower young people worldwide to break societal molds and dare to be themselves. This philosophy extends to its internal corporate culture as well.

Realme works closely with its distributors to build strong relationships and enduring partnerships. This collaboration allows realme to strengthen its market presence and make its innovative products more accessible to consumers.


Realme’s smartphones offer a fresh and streamlined design, without skimping on functionality or performance. Their premium looks and robust build quality set them apart from other budget-smartphones in the market, despite their lower price tags.

The company’s design philosophy is centred around the idea that technology should be accessible to young consumers. This is reflected in the brand’s strategy to bring 5G smartphones to 100 million youths across the globe within three years.

Its affordable yet powerful processors, cameras, memory and battery help deliver a seamless smartphone experience for users. Additionally, its efficient cooling and fast charging solutions enable longer runtimes and a more responsive smartphone.

Moreover, realme’s strong partnerships with offline channel distributors enable it to leverage their local expertise and extend its reach in physical retail spaces. This approach streamlines distribution processes while ensuring that its innovative smartphones reach diverse customer segments in different markets. This also helps create employment opportunities in local economies.


With a powerful processor, a vibrant screen, and a flashy design on the back, realme smartphones deliver an immersive mobile experience. They are designed to meet the demands of young consumers, with high-tech features, trendsetting designs and premium quality.

Founded by Sky Li in 2018, realme benefits from the support of BBK Electronics, allowing the brand to bring cutting-edge technologies to younger consumers worldwide. Its “Dare to Leap” spirit has inspired young people all over the world to break societal molds and dare to be themselves.

Realme smartphones run on a clean Android operating system called Realme UI. It’s snappy and features a number of useful extras, including the Smart sidebar that opens app shortcuts in floating, draggable windows on top of other apps.

The UI also includes an always-on display option called Insight that shows a timeline of your phone use, including how long you’ve been using each app. This is a nice addition to the standard Android Digital Wellbeing system.


In a smartphone industry that can see rigid products pitted against highly customizable ones, Realme takes a unique approach to design and innovation. With the belief that young consumers want to break societal molds, Realme phones empower them to dare to be themselves.

In the mid-range and budget segments, a focus on durability and build is vitally important. A phone that isn’t built well can quickly become a liability, especially if it falls or experiences hard impact. In this segment, Realme phones are well-known for their strong performance and reliability.

Realme also offers an excellent value for money with a range of innovative features. For example, 4.0’s Dynamic Computing Engine technology enhances overall performance by 10% and reduces device temperature by 4.7%, which makes the phones run more efficiently. Additionally, the new Smart Screen feature lets users control their smartphones’ standby screen and music display cards, enabling them to get more out of their devices.


Realme benefits from a strong partnership with its offline channel distributors, who understand and cater to the brand’s primary target audience of young consumers. By empowering distributors to become agencies, realme is able to streamline its distribution process and provide a better experience for its customers.

In just three years, realme has managed to sell 100 million smartphones and establish itself as a top 5 budget smartphone brand in many markets worldwide. Yet, Sky Li and his team are not resting on their laurels.

Realme has partnered with lock screen content platform Glance to offer users a new way to unlock their phones. The Glance app will be rolled out on all realme smartphones in India and Indonesia, bringing exciting, personalised content directly to users’ lock screens. The partnership also includes Glance Care+, a device protection service for realme smartphones in India and Europe.