Podchaser Benefits For Podcasters

Podchaser is the world’s most comprehensive podcast database. It’s also an awesome way to find new shows and network with fellow podcasters.

Whether you’re a host, guest, producer, voice actor, or other contributor, Podchaser profiles let you share your work with the world. Plus, you can link your profile to your website or resume.

Create a podcast page for your show

There are a lot of tools out there that you can use to help you monetise your podcast, but one of the best is podchaser. Podchaser is like an IMDB for podcasts and allows users to create pages for their shows, track guest credits, and follow other shows.

Podcasters use Podchaser as a way to get more exposure and build their credibility in the industry. Getting listed on Podchaser can also help you attract advertisers and sponsors. It’s also a good idea to link your podcast page on your website, social media, and email signatures.

If you’re not already listed on Podchaser, you can add your show by creating a free account and entering your RSS feed. Once your podcast is in the database, you can claim it by visiting its page and clicking the “Claim Podcast” button. Once you’re done, the Podchaser page will appear on your RSS feed and listeners can find it through search.

Get listed on Podchaser

Podchaser is one of the world’s premier podcast databases. It is often referred to as the “IMDB of podcasts” because it allows users to look up who appeared on what episode. It also allows users to rate and review shows, create curated lists and follow shows.

It is an important step to get your podcast listed on Podchaser because it gives you a lot of exposure and credibility in the podcasting community. If you want to attract advertisers, sponsors, or high profile guests then having a link to your show’s page on Podchaser is a must.

Once you submit your podcast to Podchaser, you will have both a user profile and a creator profile. The user profile is a snapshot of your activity in podcasting and the creator profile is a magnified view of your activity in podcasting. Many podcast hosts, editors, and voice actors use their Podchaser creator profiles as an audio resume to attract clients, employers, and guests.

Collect ratings and reviews for your podcast

Podcasts are rated and reviewed by listeners, which is great for new subscribers. But it’s also important to collect positive ratings and reviews from influencers who have a large audience. This can help you build a solid reputation and even grow your show’s reach.

Podchaser has a new feature called Collections+ that uses AI to sort and classify podcasts based on various criteria like ratings, chart data, transcripts, surveys and more. This creates high-quality collections that advertisers can buy against. The new feature is a big win for creators, publishers and advertisers.

Get a vanity URL for your podcast

Podchaser has become a go-to tool for podcast listeners, with its monthly active users quintupling over the past year. It offers a variety of features for podcasters to help them promote their shows and expand their audience. One such feature is the ability to create a custom URL for your podcast, which makes it easier to share with listeners.

Getting your podcast listed on Podchaser is easy, and it’s free. All you need is a RSS feed and a valid email address to verify your account. Once you’ve done that, you can claim your podcast by clicking the “Claim this podcast” button.

A Podchaser creator profile is the professional presence for anyone who produces a podcast, including hosts, editors, voice actors, and guest speakers. It displays a short bio, social media links, and tracks podcast appearances so that listeners can follow them to receive notifications of new credits. It also serves as a powerful resume for potential clients, employers, and collaborators.