Palm Angels Benefits From Eco-Sustainability

What started as a coffee table book documenting Los Angeles skate culture has blossomed into luxury streetwear brand Palm Angels. Founded by former Moncler artistic director Francesco Ragazzi, the label merges laid-back LA style with refined Milanese craftsmanship.

Find gothic script logos, palm tree prints and teddy bear motifs across ready-to-wear pieces and accessories. Add a rugged grace to your wardrobe with this pink shell bag featuring a glossy palm tree motif.

Founded in Milan by Francesco Ragazzi

Palm Angels is the latest label to take luxury streetwear to new heights. The Italian brand is inspired by American street culture and elevated with the finest craftsmanship. Its upscale pieces are favored by the likes of Pharrell Williams and A-list celebrities. The brand was founded in 2015 by Francesco Ragazzi, formerly the artistic director of Moncler.

The former Moncler art director’s fascination with Los Angeles skate culture led him to create a coffee table book of black and white photographs. This became the inspiration for the brand’s first ready-to-wear collection in 2015.

The Palm Angels aesthetic blends underground energy with Milanese flair. Its edgy designs feature hoodies, tracksuits, and denim jackets. The brand has collaborated with a number of brands, including Playboi Carti and BBC Ice Cream. It also partnered with Vans on a co-branded line of sneakers. Located in Rue Saint-Honore 217, the flagship store showcases the brand’s vision of French R-evolution. Its seemingly contrasting dualities—the raw and the refined, the free and the convectional—converge to create a high-impact synthesis offering a one-of-a-kind experience.

Inspired by American street culture

Palm Angels is a high-fashion Italian brand inspired by American street culture. Its designs are a perfect blend of luxury and streetwear. The founder of the company, Francesco Ragazzi, uses his art knowledge to tell a story with every design. He also takes inspiration from music and photography to create unique garments.

Ragazzi started his own label after publishing a coffee table book that displayed Los Angeles skateboard culture. He then combined his experience from working at Moncler with his Italian sartorial background to launch his label.

The brand’s bold colors and prints have become popular among streetwear enthusiasts. Its apparel includes hoodies, jackets, t-shirts, and accessories. Its most popular piece is the logo t-shirt that features a teddy bear whose head has been removed.

The brand is a favorite of rappers and celebrities. Dua Lipa, a British singer, has worn the brand’s tracksuits several times, both on vacation and at concerts. Recently, she wore a black suit decorated with rhinestones at a concert in Brixton.

Designed in Italy

Palm Angels is a fashion label that was founded by Francesco Ragazzi, the former artistic director of Moncler. The brand was initially conceived as a coffee table book featuring black and white photographs of LA’s skate culture, but it eventually evolved into a line of clothing and accessories. The designs are inspired by the culture and subcultures of America, but they are interpreted through an Italian perspective. The result is a unique style that combines streetwear with luxury.

Ragazzi’s take on LA street culture is heavily romanticized, but it resists looking dated thanks to his deft hand. The collections feature a mix of t-shirts, trousers, and jackets. The pieces are designed with bold graphics and a sense of individuality.

The company also offers a range of kids’ clothes that are designed with the same bold graphics and unique styles. The children’s collection is made from high-quality materials and is designed to be comfortable and stylish.

Made in Italy

Palm Angels is a new and unique brand that features fashion-forward apparel for men and women. Their collections are designed in collaboration with artists and designers. They have a strong focus on eco-sustainability and are designed with a contemporary aesthetic. The company’s target market includes upscale young male skaters who spend time with their friends and enjoy exploring the world.

Founded by Francesco Ragazzi, the brand is based in Milan and Los Angeles. Its name comes from the image of a man skating in the sunset, which resembles an angel. The inspiration for the brand came from a series of photos that Ragazzi took.

The label’s designs are inspired by the culture and vibes of Los Angeles. They also feature a lot of oversized silhouettes and details. Palm Angels’ success is attributed to its innovative approach and the fact that it offers customers an alternative to mass-produced items. Its products are also made in Italy, which is an important aspect of its branding.