How Sharenow Benefits From the Growth of Free-Floating Car Sharing

With a fleet of more than 14,000 cars, SHARE NOW is the leading European market leader for free-floating car sharing. Its flexible and practical mobility solution is a real contribution to relieving traffic congestion.

For SHARE NOW, data intelligence and machine learning are key to the company’s success. The platform helps them to quickly collect payments, block unqualified drivers, and address customer disputes in real time.

Free-floating cars

Free-floating car sharing is a new model of mobility that lets you pick up and drop off a car at any time within a predefined home zone. This type of mobility is growing rapidly in Europe and is a great option for those who are on-demand and need a flexible way to get around their city.

Unlike traditional station-based models, free-floating carsharing doesn’t charge users a membership fee and instead bills you for the time and distance you drive. This pay-as-you-go model is becoming increasingly popular in urban areas where car ownership is on the decline.

As a result, new players have entered the market to offer this service. Some of these include CSOs backed by the car rental industry such as Sixt Share (Sixt Group) and Zipcar (Avis Budget Group). Others are operated independently, including Evo Carshare in Canada, Enjoy in Italy and GreenMobility in Denmark.

No fixed monthly costs

Unlike taxis, Share NOW’s fleet of free-floating cars are parked right outside your front door, making it easy to pop one in and out as the need arises. As for cost, they charge a fraction of what you’d pay to lease a car from a traditional car hire firm and offer special rates to businesses. They also have a few slick tricks up their sleeve.

For instance, they boast the best customer service in the industry by a country mile and it’s not just their staffers in the know. They also utilise the latest technology to deliver the best experience to their mobile and desktop users alike, while ensuring that all customers are treated like royalty. The company has even opted for an augmented reality type of experience. The resulting app is the brainchild of CEO and co-founder Ben Stump, who’s been known to take an active role in the product’s design from the very earliest conceptualization.

Easy to use

The sharenow app is the smartest way to book your next ride. It features a clever navigation system, which will guide you to the nearest car. And with thousands of vehicles available, you’ll have plenty to choose from.

The app also boasts an intelligent fleet management and maintenance scheme that keeps your ride in tip top condition. It uses a combination of machine learning and data on usage, time of last cleaning and model of vehicle to predict when your ride will need its usual ol’ tune-up.

Thoughtworks helped SHARE NOW build and launch a new website, upgrade and integrate their core systems, and reshape their internal software delivery department. The company even went so far as to build a dedicated customer service team. The name of the game was to make sure that they had the right people on the ground to deliver a great customer experience while also getting things done. The app has been a big hit among users, with a star rating of four-and-a-half stars on both iOS and Android devices.

Access to premium cars

Car-sharing is a new way to rent a vehicle without all the hassles of owning a car. No fixed rental offices, no paperwork and no queues – just hop in and go.

With thousands of premium vehicles at your fingertips, it’s easy to find the perfect ride. Whether it’s a Mini, BMW or other premium model, they all come with a navigation system, automatic transmission and winter tyres.

SHARE NOW is a leading European car-sharing provider that offers services in 16 cities across eight countries. It was born as a joint venture between pioneering car-sharing companies car2go and DriveNow.

The company’s fleet has around 10,000 vehicles, including over 3,000 electric cars. These vehicles are used up to six times more frequently than privately owned cars, saving on parking space and contributing to relieving traffic congestion in urban areas.