How Goodleap Benefits Veterans

Goodleap is a company that works to preserve the planet by decreasing green gas emissions. Its clients include homeowners and financial institutions.

Its platform connects homeowners, contractors and lenders for energy efficiency and sustainability upgrades to homes. It can bundle several projects into a single loan, including solar panels, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, and insulation.


GoodLeap’s frictionless point-of-sale technology is used by 18,000 professionals who serve homeowners seeking to live more sustainably. It enables them to easily bundle sustainable home products like solar, battery storage and smart home devices with a single loan. It also supports a broad set of other carbon-reducing products including modern HVAC systems, energy efficient windows and upgraded roofing.

Goodleap’s financing platform is used by credit unions, insurance companies, banks and asset managers. It has facilitated more than $6.9 billion in loans for alternative energy, home efficiency and other sustainable home improvement projects since December 2017, empowering over 200,000 families to take steps that reduce their carbon footprint.

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Financial Institutions

As a company that finances solar energy, Goodleap works to help homeowners save money and preserve the environment by reducing greenhouse gasses. They also help clients reduce their debts and increase the value of their homes. They do this by providing loans for green projects like solar panels, geothermal heating, HVAC systems, and other products. Unlike traditional loans, they only have a lien on the solar equipment and not the house itself. This allows them to avoid foreclosure if the client defaults on their loan.

This is the second funding round this year for Goodleap, which was formerly known as Loanpal. The new funding round will support the company’s expansion into a broader sustainable home marketplace, which is estimated to be a $430 billion per year market. Investors in the latest round include MSD Partners, which manages the funds of Dell Technologies founder Michael Dell, BDT Capital Partners and Davidson Kempner Capital Management LP.

Goodleap is based in Roseville, California and was founded in 2003 by Hayes Barnard, Jason Walker and Matt Dawson. Its current CEO, Alice Cathcart, oversees Goodleap’s strategic business development and client relationship initiatives.


The company offers loans that cover the cost of solar installations, batteries, and even a portion of energy-efficient upgrades like smart thermostats. This business model makes it more affordable for people to convert their homes to green power. It has also helped reduce carbon emissions.

The loans are backed by investment banks and sold to financial institutions that make the loans available to homeowners. The loans are structured as mortgages, and they come with a fixed interest rate. The loan amount depends on the homeowner’s credit score.

The loans are backed by investments from companies such as Goldman Sachs and BlackRock. The loan market is gaining popularity among ESG investors, and it could become a new way for the industry to attract money.

Atlantic Council’s Veterans Advanced Energy

The Atlantic Council’s Veterans Advanced Energy Program provides a year-long policy and leadership development experience for high-performing veterans, reservists, and military spouses committed to advancing US energy security through careers in the clean energy sector. Fellows become peer mentors, advocates, and spokespeople for other veterans, reservists, and spouses to help solidify the advanced energy connection to national security and grow veteran employment in the green economy.

During the summit, participants will learn about innovative projects in the field of renewable energy, discuss opportunities to work with companies and organizations that support the veterans community, and share best practices in hiring and recruitment strategies. Participants will also hear from speakers who have successfully made the transition from the military to civilian life.

The company’s platform allows investors to buy loans backed by sustainable home improvements, which makes it an efficient option for financial institutions to deploy their capital in ESG assets. In addition, the company has a number of veteran employees.