How Embark Trucks Benefits Your Business

When it comes to buying a new truck for your company there are a lot of different things to consider. One of the main factors is cost, but there are also a few other benefits that you’ll want to look into. These include safety and increased business.

Cost advantage

Embark Trucks is an automotive technology company. It uses artificial intelligence models to control its trucks and “see” the world around them. Using an automated vehicle could increase efficiency and save fuel, while reducing emissions. Embark uses a software-based approach, which allows it to avoid building its trucks from scratch.

The trucking industry is undergoing an influx of changes. Increasing demand for trucking services is outpacing available drivers, and a growing shortage of commercial vehicles means there’s a lack of capacity to meet demand. Embark seeks to change that by delivering a solution to the trucking industry’s challenges. With Embark, partners can retain their driver workforce for shorter routes and benefit from a competitive edge.

Embark’s approach to commercial transportation involves developing highly customized network conversion strategies. Embark will use the Series A financing to build out its test fleet, hire more employees and prepare for a full commercial rollout. By 2024, Embark plans to have confirmed trucks on high-priority lanes throughout the country.

Greater safety

Embark Trucks has an impressive record of zero crashes since it’s inception. This is primarily due to a strong operational and safety culture. Embark’s engineering team built the technical capabilities to enable this feat. The company is currently in the process of making this technology available to the fleets of the future.

In addition to a strong commitment to safety, Embark has launched several initiatives to help the trucking industry move forward. One such initiative is a partnership with the Arizona Department of Transportation to improve highway work zone safety. Another is a pilot program with HP to demonstrate the benefits of electric vehicles in a drayage setting.

Embark has also been working closely with leading national trucking fleets to develop enhanced pre-trip inspection procedures. They have also been experimenting with ways to improve the performance of their AV systems and how to address maintenance issues.

To truly be considered a self-driving vehicle, Embark’s technology has to be able to respond to situations on the road. This is one of the biggest challenges in the development of automated trucks.

Increased business

Embark Trucks is an autonomous vehicle company based in California. It’s one of several companies working to bring the automated trucking industry to life. Using self-driving technology, the company hopes to dramatically improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase revenue. By 2023, the company plans to have a fully driverless fleet.

The technology behind Embark’s vehicles is powered by artificial intelligence models that make sense of the data gathered from sensors. In addition, the software aims to make predictions about other vehicles. This includes responding to mechanical failures and emergency vehicles.

The company has a track record of safety. To date, it has driven over one million miles without a DOT-reported incident. They are currently testing a VMF technology that allows the trucks to pause travel and resume acceptable shipper delivery windows.

Embark’s mission is to make transportation safer, while also improving fuel efficiency by up to 30%. Embark’s software is also designed to interact with emergency vehicles.

Partnership with Knight-Swift

Embark Trucks and Knight-Swift have announced a partnership that will see the two companies start integrating Embark’s autonomous driving technology into the truckload carrier’s fleet. According to Embark, the partnership is the next step in putting autonomous trucks on the road.

This new partnership will see Embark’s self-driving system being integrated into Knight-Swift’s fleet of Kenworth heavy-duty trucks. The first Embark-equipped trucks are scheduled to arrive by the end of 2022.

Currently, the two companies are working on the Truck Transfer Program. This program will involve Embark Driver software and a carrier duty cycle to gain insights on how self-driving software can improve driver jobs. It will also allow carriers to collect data on system performance.

In addition to the trucks, the partnership will include the development of tools to remotely monitor Embark-equipped trucks and driver job procedures. Embark will also begin to explore alternative fuels.

Embark has been testing the technology on a small fleet of prototype trucks. This is the company’s first public initiative involving autonomous vehicles.