Found Weight Loss Benefits

The founders of found weight loss believed that traditional weight loss models overemphasized willpower and quick, unsustainable results. They wanted to create a program that addressed all aspects of health, including food and movement, sleep and stress, and for qualifying members, prescription medication.

The program offers personal health coaching, curated nutrition and movement guides, and a supportive community at a reasonable cost. It also provides social support and access to a medical doctor for those who qualify.

Weight loss

The Found weight loss program offers a holistic approach to losing weight, including food, movement, sleep, and stress. It also includes a personal health coach and community. Those who qualify for the program can also receive prescription medications to address biological factors that influence their weight.

The medication used by Found is FDA-approved and has been shown to aid in weight loss. However, the exact medications vary from person to person. Some may be off-label, but are still prescribed in a monitored and regulated manner.

The Found app allows you to track your meals, mood, activity, and sleep to help you achieve your weight loss goals. It also lets you track your progress and create reminders to take your medication. This is important because it helps you stick with your healthy habits.

Better sleep

Research has found that getting more sleep may improve your ability to stick to a healthy diet and exercise routine. In a study of 125 overweight adults in a 12-month weight loss program, researchers discovered that those who got more sleep had better adherence to their diet and exercise plans. Researchers believe that sleep has an impact on mood, thought patterns and appetite. While more research is needed, it suggests that getting more quality sleep on a regular basis could help you lose weight and keep it off. In addition, losing weight may reduce the frequency of symptoms associated with sleep disorders such as periodic limb movement disorder or restless legs syndrome. These symptoms are common in people who are obese. This is likely because the disease causes increased blood sugar levels, which can lead to these disorders.

Increased energy

Found is a holistic weight loss program that considers food, movement, sleep, stress management, and — for qualifying members — prescription-drug intervention to address biological factors that affect weight. Its approach emphasizes sustainable, healthy habits and provides a personal health coach, a community, and access to a doctor who evaluates and manages medications.

Many of the company’s clients rave about how Found’s professional team motivates and educates them. They also praise the company for its emphasis on long-term behavior change and slow, steady weight loss.

Found’s app is a powerful tool that allows users to share meals, exercise, sleeping patterns, medications, mood, and other information with their coaches. It can also track a user’s progress and set reminders to take their medication. Its mobile-friendly interface makes it easy to use from anywhere.