Concentrix Benefits

If you work for Concentrix, you might be wondering what types of benefits you are entitled to. This article discusses some of the important aspects of these types of benefits, including 401K / Retirement Plans and Vision Insurance. It also talks about Confidentiality.

Dental Insurance

This company has a plethora of impressive awards to their name, including a number of industry firsts. For starters, they’ve got some of the most cutting edge software available on the market. Not to mention a few perks you can’t get anywhere else.

The company exemplifies this by offering a plethora of work at home opportunities. This is matched by a top notch benefits package that includes paid time off and health care benefits. While some employees may be more than happy to keep their pampered selves at home, others will be thrilled to be out and about in the world outside of the corporate walls. That’s no doubt a win-win for both employers and employees. They even have a medical benefits concierge service to help you make sense of the myriad options available to you.

Vision Insurance

One of the best parts of the deal is that we get to keep the cats (and their poop). For a while, Concentrix was all paws and fur. Not to mention, our execs have their own office space and we can now take a stroll around the halls on a nice day. Having said that, the company’s headquarters is still a humph, but our newfound independence will make life a little more enjoyable. A few weeks ago, we were able to celebrate our re-acquired independence in style. Having a nice dinner and a night on the town is a breeze now, thanks to our dedicated staff. Having a well deserved rest and relaxation will be a definite plus for our workaholic executives. The rest of us are lucky enough to get some down time too.

401K / Retirement Plan

If you are employed by Concentrix, you may be eligible to participate in their 401k / Retirement Plan. This is one of the best ways to save for your retirement. This plan allows you to make contributions before taxes are deducted.

You can choose from a variety of investment options. Some of the most popular include money market funds, bonds and stocks. Choosing the right mix of options is crucial to success. You should consult a financial advisor to help you determine the best strategy for your situation.

Whether you are a new employee or an experienced professional, it’s important to understand what your benefits options are. This includes a variety of retirement and health insurance plans. You can also get paid time off, vision and dental insurance and training courses.


Concentrix Corporation is a leading global provider of customer experience technologies. They provide solutions in technology, consumer electronics, financial services, travel, retail and other industries. The company has offices in Chattanooga, TN and is in the midst of hiring 120 more employees in the second wave of employment in the next two months.

In the course of doing business, Concentrix may collect and process Personal Information. The company follows uniform practices to process the information. Its policies and procedures are reviewed annually. They are designed to provide appropriate access and protect the information in their custody. In addition, the company ensures that it is compliant with its legal obligations. In particular, the company uses the appropriate mechanisms to establish a legal basis for processing Personal Information.

Severance of Concentrix Employees

Concentrix, a unit of technology giant Synnex Corporation, has been cutting employees since the acquisition of Convergys in July last year. In November, it laid off 200 staff in Southfield, Michigan, and 258 staff in Kentucky. Despite this, it has not offered severance packages to affected employees. In fact, its chief executive officer, Chris Caldwell, has continued to be employed by the company.

In a press release, Concentrix said it would “try to employ the 177 employees who have been notified that they are not required to remain at the Longview, Texas, facility. If the severance payment is not sufficient to provide all of the Company’s former employees with adequate compensation, it will seek to implement other methods to compensate the employees.” Despite this, the company has no plans to offer benefits to the former employees.